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Sigrid Anita Haugen is an audiovisual composer

from Oslo, Norway, with a master's degree in film music (2016) from Pulse College, also known as Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland. And a bachelor´s degree in music performance and production from London Centre of Contemporary Music in London, UK. Today, Sigrid Anita is taking a doctorate in music composition at the Technological University Dublin. She has composed music for several visual projects that have been presented at films, games and music festivals in Norway and abroad. Her music is very much focused on storytelling and experimentations of auditory perception.

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                Brass Quintet, The trickster. Performed by

                Earlsfort Brass Quintet, New Music Dublin (2021)

                Wind ensemble (30) Let's see what happens. Performed by
                TU Dublins Wind ensemble, Gleesonhall, Dublin (2020)

                 Guitar and Harp, Three Billy Goats Gruff. Performed by 
                 Dave Flyn and Cliona Doris, Farmleigh House (2020)

                String quartet, Blackbird. Performed by RTÉ Contempo String Quartet

                at Conservatory Of Music And Drama (2018)

                Mixed choir, Reach out (The Human Aspect). Performed by

                the choir Le Voci Choir and students from Pop-skolen, Oslo at Urban Sound Studios. (2018)

                String ensemble (10 players), Ragnars Melodi. Performed by 

                London Session Strings at Abby Road Studios, London. (2017)


                Orchestra (32 players), I just want you. Performed by 

                West European Symphony at Atlantico Blue Studios, Lisbon. (2017)

                Orchestra (75 - 110 players), The Journey. Performed by

                 Sofia Metropolitan Orchestra at the Gala film Concert, Varna and National Radio-station, Sofia. (2016)

                Mixed contemporary orchestra, The Maze. Performed by

                Sofia Metropolitan Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios (2016)


                Orchestra (32 players), Lost in the Shadows. Performed by

                Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin. (2015)

                Orchestra (32 players), Vinter. Performed by

                Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin. (2015)

                Orchestra (32 players), Unknown Drama Performed by

                Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin. (2015)

                Orchestra (32 players), Scena D'Amore Performed by

                Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin. (2015)

                Tango ensemble, Sayaw. Performed and recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin. (2015)

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Composer as part of a composers collective

Art-installation at Oslo Public Library Deichman, Bjørvika.
The animation is part of a video installation that can be seen in the library from 18th June 2020 - 2021.

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A Private Investigator is sent to Florence, Italy to find a woman who mysteriously vanished there. He soon finds himself tangled in a web of obsession and revenge.

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A documentary about visa scams in Australia directed by Anja Celine Pedersen.

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Tale kjemper om hovedrollen i ballettkompaniets nye forestilling, men hvor mye er hun villig til å ofre for å oppnå suksess?

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Learn from hundreds of people from around the world, that has opened-up and been vulnerable so that you can connect, in the world’s first life experience library. Search through and explore now and you will find hundreds of in dept video interviews evolving around the raw answers to these 3 questions:

1. What has been your life’s toughest challenge?
2. How did you overcome it?
3. What have you learned?